About Us

Top Tree Cleaning Services

Started since 2003

We provide experienced, trained and hardworking cleaners and complete equipment to clean your home or office.

Our cleaners are well trained in the day-to-day cleaning of a home and can take instructions from our customers on their various requirements.

Our company is based in Petaling Jaya. Our aim is to ensure that our services delivered to our customers are the most cost-effective so that our valuable customers like you can relax comfortably.

We understand your needs for a clean and healthy environment. We believe that the cleanliness of a home reflects the mental and physical state of mind of our customers. Therefore, with this understanding in mind, our overall objective is to leave your home looking and smelling freshly cleaned and groomed.

We provide door-to-door cleaning. Our services are reasonably priced and we customize cleaning to fit your needs: regular schedules, one-time service, pre/post-construction cleaning, move-in/move-out cleaning, or deep spring cleaning. Let’s sparkle and shine your home today!